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There are 5 primary reasons for you to call 503-546-3357 and ask to speak with truck accident attorney Thomas C. Patton before you call any other lawyer in 

the Portland, Oregon or 

Vancouver, Washington areas.


  • 1. Truck industry legal experience: Thomas C Patton served as a former corporate counsel attorney for a large nation wide trucking company.  Tom knows the unique legalities of both sides of the trucking business.
  • 2. Extensive legal experience: Tom worked as a Deputy District Attorney and as an Assistant Attorney General.  His legal experience speaks for its self as both a prosecutor and defendant attorney while representing his clients.
  • 3. Free consultation: Tom offers a free initial legal consultation to evaluate if he believes your case would successfully stand up in court 503-546-3357.
  • 4. Affordability: Most importantly, you pay no attorney fees without a monetary recovery for yourself.
  • 5. Results: Tom has had great success acquiring large settlements for his clients in trucking personal injury cases and in defending his clients from frivolous trucking law suits. (See the case settlement results here.)

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    Proving Your Case & Getting Paid What You Deserve:
    • As is true in most personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents, the primary legal theory of liability in commercial truck accident cases is "negligence."  In a nutshell, a person or business entity (the defendant) is negligent if they failed in their duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, and the plaintiff's injuries resulted from that failure.  So, a person injured in a commercial truck accident must show that:
      1. Defendant (driver, trucking company, or other party) owed the plaintiff the duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care to avoid injury, under the circumstances.  This element is almost always automatically met, by virtue of the fact that all drivers on the road owe a legal duty of reasonable care to fellow drivers, passengers, and pedestrians;
      2. Defendant failed to exercise such reasonable care, or in legal terms "breached" the duty of reasonable care;
      3. Defendant's failure to exercise reasonable care was the cause of injury suffered by plaintiff.
    Tom Patton served as a former Corporate Counsel Attorney for a large trucking company.  Tom knows the unique issues involved in truck accidents and the laws and regulations specific to commercial truck drivers.

    • An experienced truck lawyer can make the difference in obtaining a fair settlement of your personal injury claim.  If you have been injured in a accident involving a truck (semi, tractor-trailer, big rig, logging truck, construction vehicle) or other type of truck you need an experienced Washington truck accident attorney to protect your legal rights.
     Tom Patton has recovered millions of dollars  for his clients from insurance companies, trucking companies, airlines, and corporations.  Here are just a few results obtained on behalf of Tom Patton’s clients:
    • $1,309,000 for wrongful death for passenger killed in motor vehicle accident
    • $500,000 (Oregon statutory maximum) in a wrongful death case, semi-truck versus pedestrian accident
    • $500,000 for a worker injured by a falling lift-gate
    • $400,000 for a truck driver struck by a forklift
    • $300,000 in semi-tractor trailer versus pick-up truck accident
    • $145,000 for back injury suffered by driver t-boned in motor vehicle accident
    • $138,500 in semi-truck versus pick-up truck accident
    • $138,000 for bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle
    • $135,000 for a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk by a motor vehicle
    • $100,000 in motor vehicle versus pedestrian accident
    • $100,000 in motor vehicle versus bicyclist accident
    • $79,000 in underinsured motorist case, motor vehicle versus motor vehicle accident
    • $76,000 for client injured when knocked down by parking attendant
    • $70,000 in semi-truck versus car accident
    • $55,000 for client injured when she slipped and fell on floor coated in paint stripper
    • $50,000 in auto versus motorcycle accident
    • $50,000 in auto versus scooter accident
    • $48,021 when client injured by pharmacist’s prescription
    • $45,000 when client injured by pharmacist’s prescription
    • $40,000 in rear-end auto versus auto accident
    • $36,875 for client injured by a trip and fall on sidewalk
    • $38,484 in auto versus auto accident case
    • $32,500 in semi-truck versus auto accident

    Call Tom Patton personally for a free initial legal consultation to find out how much he thinks your case might be worth. Call 503-546-3357 or email Tom your confidential questions about your case at

    Here are a few Testimonials and thank you notes from Tom's many satisfied clients:
    • Tom, on behalf of my family, I want to express our thanks for the professional and sensitive manner in which you handled our mother's case.  I'd be happy to act as a reference on your behalf if you ever find that to be useful.  Best Regards - Tom's Client
    • Again, many, many thanks for going the extra mile.  We plan to refer some other good business your way.  Take Care, - Tom's Client
    • We are thrilled to hear that you were able to negotiate the Emanuel bill downwards!  It is totally wonderful to contemplate being out of debt and not having to struggle with the poor employment situation for full time work.  Another Great Big Thanks! - Tom's Client
    • Thank you again for all your help on this injury matter.  Although it was not a large claim for you, I appreciate that you handled it in a matter that made me feel like it was.  We have decided to take the money and buy some property over in Eastern Washington.  The acreage has yet to be developed but it is very peaceful and the sunsets are beautiful.  It was a pleasure to work with you and your associates in the firm.  Thanks again. - Tom's Client
    • Tom, Thanks for all of your help throughout your representation of me and my family during this case.  All the best, - Tom's Client
    • Tom, I'm so grateful you took the time to explain all the different scenarios as well as your expert opinion about the case.  It helped me understand the direction we are going.  Thank you! - Tom's Client

    Why should you hire Portland, Oregon truck accident attorney Tom Patton? 
    • His initial personal injury legal consultations are free to you.  You won't owe him any money unless he collects money for you.  Tom Patton having worked as a legal counsel attorney for a large trucking company and in private practice while representing people seeking their fair settlements for truck related personal injuries is the best choice for trucking related injuries in Oregon or Washington.  You need a Portland personal injury attorney who will work hard to protect your rights, maximize your insurance settlement and minimize the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies.  Most of all you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side who is an expert in the field of truck accident related personal injuries.  Tom Patton is that experienced attorney.
    • You won't find another personal injury attorney with such unique experiences in truck accident related injuries in the Portland Metro or SW Washington areas. Tom Patton has personal injury related legal experience on both sides of the courtroom in truck accident cases.  Call Tom Patton personally for a free initial legal consultation to see if he thinks that your case would stand up in court and from his vast trucking legal experience, how much your case might be worth.

    Why big truck companies and insurance companies want you try to try settle your case on your own and give up your right to hire an experienced personal injury attorney?
    • Without the threat of an experienced personal injury attorney who is willing to go to trial and seek a big jury verdict, why would an trucking company or insurance company pay you what your claim is really worth?  Lawsuits can be expensive, and many people do not have the money to pursue their claim.  In every case, Tom Patton advances all costs associated with pursuing your case and he does not ask you for a penny until you recover from the other side.  In other words, you don't owe Tom Patton any money unless he recovers money for you.

    As former Corporate Counsel Attorney for a large trucking company. 
    Tom Patton, JD knows the unique issues involved in truck accidents. 
    You will rest assured knowing a truck attorney expert is on your side.

    • An experienced Portland, Oregon truck law attorney can make the difference.  Tom Patton is an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer who has tried many jury trials.  He is not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize the amount of money you recover for your personal injury.  Tom Patton and his staff offer personal, one-on-one service.
    • A traffic accident involving a commercial truck, such as an eighteen-wheeler or other large freight carrier (Semi, semi-truck, tractor-trailer, rig, etc.), can be much more catastrophic than an ordinary car or light truck accident.  A typical fully-loaded large commercial truck can weigh well over 80,000 pounds, while an average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3-4,000 pounds.  Because of the size and weight disparities and the laws of physics, any collision between a commercial truck and another vehicle is likely to result in serious or even fatal injuries.  While statistics show that truck drivers are generally much more careful on the road than automobile drivers, large truck crashes still accounted for 5,350 fatalities and 133,000 injuries in 2001.  Thankfully, the incidence of fatal crashes involving trucks and other large vehicles has declined in recent years.
    • The unique danger posed by commercial truck accidents can be made worse depending on the nature of the freight the truck is carrying.  For example, if hazardous or flammable materials are on board, secondary injuries attributable to such dangerous cargo can result, including burns and respiratory injuries.
    • You need a personal injury attorney experienced in trucking cases and injuries who will work hard to protect your rights, maximize your settlement, and minimize the hassles of dealing with the trucking company or their insurance company.  You need a personal injury attorney with vast experience who has served on both sides of the trucking industry.  You need an experienced and aggressive truck accident lawyer who will fight for you.  Having an experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer can make the difference between getting what you deserve and having the company take advantage of you.
    • In the event that you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries by bringing a legal claim against the responsible parties.  This is a free and confidential conversation that you and Tom Patton can have to find out how strong he thinks your case is and what it may be worth to you.
    • Tom Patton handles Portland, Oregon, Vancouver and South West Washington personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means you don't owe him a fee unless he recovers money for you.  If you do not have a case in Portland, Oregon or SW Washington then he will gladly refer you to a personal injury attorney that he trusts in other areas of Washington or throughout the USA. 

    Washington Truck Law Information

    • Proving Your Case
    • Potential Defendants
    • Damages
    • More specific damages information
    • Glossary of types of legal compensation available to plaintiff in personal injury case
    • Special Considerations In Truck Accident Cases
    • Getting Legal Help After a Commercial Truck Accident

    Getting Legal Help After a Commercial Truck Accident:

    • Any traffic accident involving a commercial truck is likely to result in serious physical injury and property damage.  In the event that you or a loved one are involved in such an accident, after receiving proper medical care you may want to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that any potential legal claim is properly assessed and that your rights are protected.  Especially in light of legal deadlines for filing lawsuits, meeting with an attorney as soon as possible is the best way to protect your rights.

    How can I determine how much my case may be worth?  Is there a limit?  How do I know if I have a good settlement offer?
    • Because trucking accident injuries tend to be more serious and the insurance coverage higher, trucking accident settlements tend to be higher than typical car accident settlements.
    • How much your case is worth will depend on what kind of damages you will be able to recover.  Every injury, every injured person, every accident and every case is different and deserves a thorough legal evaluation.  Two people can have the same injury and one can suffer little while the other suffers a great deal; or one offers better proof than the other with more complete documentation or better witnesses.  Moreover, the value of a trucking accident lawsuit is as much determined by the area in which the case is filed, as it is by the injuries involved.  A jury in New York City or San Francisco, for instance, might award the same injured person a great deal more money than a jury in a small town in Tennessee or Iowa.  Two different juries, even in the same county, may react very differently and settlements from county to county withing the same state will vary considerably.
    • In general, the difference between your quality of life before the trucking accident as compared to after the accident will play a significant role in the damages and you recover and how much your case is worth.
    • Economic Damages - damages that are quantifiable - are fairly easy to estimate.  In general, there is no limit to economic damages.  Economic damages include past and future loss of earnings, past and future medical expenses, and other expenses associated with the personal injury.  The value of these damages can significantly affect the total of your settlement.  For example, if you are an investment banker making millions a year, your loss of future income is going to be a significant figure.  On the other hand, if you are a retired elementary school teacher, your loss of future income will not.  Likewise, if you are seventy years old and have broken your leg, your past and future medical expenses will be far lower than those of a nineteen year old who suffers a debilitating spinal cord injury that is going require life-long, around the clock nursing.
    • “Non-economic damages” - often referred to as “pain and suffering” damages — can vary widely from jury to jury and from state to state.  Some states have put a limit on non-economic damages.  So in states that limit pain and suffering you might only be able to recover $250,000 in pain and suffering, while in states such as Oregon or Washington that do not limit pain and suffering damages, your non-economic damages may be worth $1.5 million.  (Oregon limits damages allowed for wrongful death).
    • In most trucking accident cases, past case law, settlements and court decisions dealing with similar injuries are used as guideposts to determine settlement value ranges.  Additionally, the insurance company will place a value on your injury, based on similar injuries it has dealt with.  For example, a serious head injury may be “worth” $500,000 to $750,000, while a spinal cord injury would be valued at $1.2 million to $1.5 million.
    • Whether your settlement value will be on the higher or lower end of a possible range of settlement values depends on a variety of issues.  To arrive at a fair settlement, one needs to look at the strength of the case and amount of fault, the local practice and precedent, the severity of the injury and how long it will continue, how clear the tie is between the accident and the injury/symptoms, how bad the defendant is and who it is, how much insurance there is, who the lawyer is and how well he or she negotiates, and how desperate the injured is to settle the case.  There is also the subjective element: the sympathy of the jury, demeanor, the appearance of the injured, juror perceptions, makeup of the jury, and so forth.
    • Based on these factors, an experienced personal injury attorney with vast truck accident law experience will know the settlement value of your case from the perspective of the insurance company, and the amount the case might return if it went before a jury.  All of these considerations will drive the negotiations and ultimate settlement your personal injury attorney will work for on your behalf.
    • If you are involved in an accident where a commercial truck driver was at fault, you may be entitled to receive legal compensation for any physical, emotional and financial losses that resulted from the accident.  This is a complex area of the law because its is always difficult to place a dollar value on injuries that include death, paralysis, disfigurement, emotional distress, pain and suffering, costs of medical treatment, lost income, and loss of earning capacity.
    More specific damages information:
    • Medical Expenses you've incurred in the past;
    • Medical Expenses you expect to incur in the future;
    • Pain, suffering and mental anguish you've experienced in the past;
    • Pain, suffering and mental anguish you are likely to experience in the future;
    • Lost wages if you missed work due to your injuries;
    • Lost wages if you are expected to continue to miss work in the future;
    • Loss of wage earning capacity in the past if your injury has prevented you from working at the same level you could have before even if you weren't working at the time;
    • Loss of wage earning capacity in the future if your injury will prevented you from working at the same level you could have before even if you aren't working for the foreseeable future;
    • Physical Impairment in the past, if your injury prevented you from participating in your usual activities;
    • Physical Impairment in the future, if your injury will continue to prevent you from participating in your usual activities;
    • Loss of spousal consortium in the past (damages which would come to your spouse) if you were unable to provide comfort, companionship, counsel, service and advice because of your injuries;
    • Loss of spousal consortium in the future (damages which would come to your spouse) if you will be unable to provide comfort, companionship, counsel, service and advice in the future because of your injuries; and,
    • Scarring and disfigurement, if the accident resulted in such injuries.
    • There may be other money damages available to you because of your particular injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain to you the types of damages which you may have coming.
    Glossary of Legal Compensation:
    • To get an idea of the types of damages for which legal recovery is possible, browse the following glossary, which defines almost every type of legal compensation available to a plaintiff in a personal injury case.  Remember that an experienced personal injury attorney will explain your options, and will work to ensure that you receive all compensation to which you are entitled under the law in Oregon or Washington.
    • When an accident or injury has left a person deformed or disfigured, e.g., by scars or other permanent effects on personal appearance, the injured person (the "plaintiff") may be able to collect damages for any mental suffering that arises due to awareness of the disfigurement.  These damages are sometimes included as an element of other types of damages, such as mental anguish.
    Future medical expenses.
    • This type of recovery is permitted if the plaintiff proves that he or she will need continued medical care as a result of the accident or injury.  The proof must be sufficient for the jury to make an approximate estimate of the cost, i.e. through the medical opinion of a treating doctor.
    General damages.
    • Compensation for harm that ordinarily results from wrongful conduct, such as physical and mental pain, anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life after an accident or injury.  These damages cannot be proved with any clear specificity, but are awarded based on the fact that they normally follow from an accident or injury.
    Household services.
    • The cost of hiring somebody to do things around the house while the plaintiff is recuperating from an accident or injury, provided that the expense would not have been incurred had the plaintiff not been injured.  These kinds of damages are sometimes included as part of medical expenses.
    In assessing and presenting your claim, a skilled Oregon truck accident attorney will consider all aspects of the harm and loss you have suffered as a result of your accident, to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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